ALLVIEW DESIGNS is a civil engineering contractor and building company, established in Nigeria in May 2005 as an indigenous firm of construction professionals to undertake building design consultancy, landscape architecture, building construction and construction support. We are a prominent company in the Nigerian Construction Industry today.

From its modest beginnings, ALLVIEW DESIGNS has grown rapidly in the short space of time from conception to becoming a fully fledge player in the developing construction industry in West Africa.

ALLVIEW DESIGNS is a property development company which specialises in design and building projects by providing both commercial and residential accommodation according to the ever growing needs in Nigeria and Ghana.

With its headquarters in Lagos, ALLVIEW DESIGNS undertakes projects all over Nigeria and Ghana.

We are recently expanding our operations to South Africa, ALLVIEW DESIGNS has put together a compelling management team combining the strong property development & management services, project management and construction experience with which to expand and grow the business.

Whenever and wherever our services speak for itself


Allview Designs was established in Nigeria in 2005 and 2007 in Ghana.

Our mission is to participate as one of the leading Construction and Property development companies in our area of operation.

Main area of operation in Nigeria and Ghana. We are expanding to South Africa and Gambia.


Allview Designs has the capacity and capability to execute small, medium and large scale turnkey projects through the length and breadth of the African sub region. Our offices in Nigeria and Ghana are designed to respond swiftly to client’s request, providing tenders and bills of quantities at an enviable pace. We are able to mobilize human and equipment to site quite rapidly upon approval of project.



Residential  Development

Residential Development

5-Bedroom Luxury Apartment, Golf Road , GRA Ibadan, Oyo State.

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